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August 2008

During August 2008 the Incorporated Militia of Upper Canada participated in four very different events. August events included the return to Sackets Harbour, volunteering at Simcoe Day in Old Fort York, the Siege of Fort Erie and participation in the Uxbridge Scott Museum Annual Heritage Steam Show!
August 1 - 3 - Sackets Harbour

August 1st saw the return of the Incorporated Militia to the Battle of Sackets Harbour for the first time in too many years. Past Sackets Harbour events are remembered fondly by our senior members. Our contingent of redcoat militia was very well received by the hosts and organizers. We are very proud to again be able to support this War of 1812 event.
For further information about the Battle of Sackets Harbour please go to:
PDF Document - News item about the event!

August 4 - Simcoe Day - Old Fort York - Toronto

On Monday August 4, eight members of the Military Re-Enactment Society of Upper Canada assisted in the Simcoe Day activities at Old Fort York. Ontario Lt. Governor David Onley dropped in to visit with John Graves Simcoe, Upper Canada's first Lt Governor at Old Fort York, the birthplace of modern Toronto and Ontario.
Simcoe Day

Click here for a video from Simcoe Day at Fort York!

Siege of Fort Erie - August 8 - 10

Despite the unsettled weather, this year's Siege of Fort Erie was very well attended. Again the organizers and fort staff are to be commended for such a well run event.
Additional information about the Siege of Fort Erie can be found at:

Uxbridge Steam Show - August 22 - 24

Again this year, the Incorporated Militia of Upper Canada attended the Uxbridge Steam Show. Drill demonstrations, an active militia camp, a weapons and artifacts display, consultations with our regimental surgeon and a mini-militia helped fill out the Uxbridge Scott Museum's annual steam show roster. Interacting with the public, speaking about Canada's early events continues to be our of our our favourite activities!
The Uxbridge Scott Museum

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