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Mandatory Requirements FAQ...

What do I need to be/do to be a member of the MRSC?

To be in the field, you need to be eighteen years of age or older and in reasonably good shape! Remember, you will be expected to re-enact battles and march as well as carry equipment... If you have any health conditions or physical concerns, please let us know when you fill out our recruiting form in the area labeled for "special concerns".

Other than that, you will need to invest a MINIMUM of five weekends per season (five events) to continue with the MRSC. See our calendar for event dates and times.

Camp followers (children and women) and musicians of any age are also welcome to join in. Again, just let us know on the recruiting form.

Youngsters under eighteen MUST be accompanied by a parent or guardian in order to join on any level.

Other than that, a good spirit and a love of history is highly recommended!

If you feel you can contribute these aspects, we'd be very proud to have you join our ranks!

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